Apolena Rychlíková

is czech documentary filmmaker and journalist. She is interested in social problem, politics, inequality and makes films about problems of nowadays word. She studied at FAMU in Prague and as an journalist writes for many of czech magazines.


Post, 2010; Eggs, 2010; Hájek at the caste, Petr below, 2011; F A M I L Y, 2013; Af Adolf Hitler lived, there would be no rights for Gypsies, 2014; The Limits of Work, 2017.

Czech Journal: The Limits of work (12+)

Czech republic, 2017, colour, 71 min.
Director: Apolena Rychlíková
Journalist Saša Uhlová spent six months exploring working conditions at the worst-paid jobs in the Czech Republic. She spent several weeks in a hospital washroom, at a poultry plant, behind a cash register and at a waste sorting facility. Her experience formed the basis for a very personal series of reports about people working invisible jobs under shocking conditions, published on the website. Apolena Rychlíková has turned these articles into a documentary film consisting of scenes shot at Uhlová’s home and of video footage taken at her places of work, accompanied by Uhlová’s read commentary.


Czech Joy – the best czech film 2017; MFDF Jihlava – Audience Award.