Floris-Jan van Luyn

is a filmmaker and writer. At university, he majored in History and Chinese. Many of his films and books have Asia as a backdrop. He worked for Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad as a China correspondent, editor, and columnist.


The Unforbidden City, 2009; Rainmakers, 2010; The Last Frontier, 2012; Diary of a Homing Pigeon, 2014; The Bastard, 2018.

The Bastard (16+)

The Netherlands, 2018, colour, 85 min.
Director: Floris-Jan van Luyn
One day a Dutch bicycle repairman receives the unlikely news that he has an Ethiopian half-brother. His name is Daniel and he is imprisoned on death row in Addis Ababa. This news is the beginning of a disturbing family chronicle. About a spurned child who grows up in destitution and an aged father who can no longer avoid his now adult bastard son. Daniel nurtures a deep sense of resentment and yearns for recognition. But his father wants nothing to do with him, even if it’s only because his son is black. A DNA test condemns the two to each other. Subsequently father and son turn out to have more in common than either of them would ever want to admit.