Aurelia Tazi

was born in 1976 іn Strasbourg, France. Graduate from managing studies in 1999. Worked as PR for cultural centers. Have travelled and worked in many places around the world before settling in Morocco in 2004. Passionate and creative mother, in search for alternatives for a better world, with more peace, humanity and respect for our planet. Now dedicated to the opening of a private junior and high school in Marrakech.


Wildlings, 2017.

Wildlings (6+)

France, 2017, colour, 75 min.
Director: Aurelia Tazi
Would you take your three little girls, leave home and cross the desert on foot for several weeks, away from your husband? Former globetrotter, Aurelia, did it, seeking the true meaning of motherhood and femininity. Aurelia and her daughters trek across the Atlas. All along the journey, they will endure fatigue, withstand stress, and experience hard moments – but also find the key to overcoming these.