Valery Timoshenko

was born on January 21, 1959 in Krasnodar. In 1981 he graduated from VGIK (The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography), scriptwriting and film history faculty. Writer and documentary filmmaker, a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia. Director of the «The Minervin Krasnodar film studio».


Quiet Zone, 1993; Old master, 1994, Nature Reserve, 1994, The Russian Blues, 1994, Slavic Dance, 1996, Free World, 1998, The Black Sea Troopers (screenwriter, cameraman), 2000, Witness for the prosecution, 2002, The Lonely Paradise, 2002, The Living Sea, 2003, Salute, Amigo!, 2006, Two Battalion Commanders, 2007, The Cossacks in Abyssinia, 2008; Russian Reserve, 2008, Trezvites! (Get sober), 2012; Peasant Story, 2013; Clean Sweep, 2013, Don’t Shoot the Cameraman!, 2015; Lugansk story. Kombrig, 2018.

Lugansk Story. Kombrig (18+)

Russia, 2018, colour, 123 min.
Director: Valery Timoshenko
The film is showing us Lugansk’s volunteer soldiers, we see their life in the most critical period of the war ravaging Donbass for 4 years already. This is also about the tragic attempts of informal leaders of both sides of the Ukrainian conflict to reach reconciliation. And about the necessity of stopping this war at all costs. But even among these bright characters, Alexei Mozgovoy, commander of the “Prizrak” (“Ghost”) brigade, is an outstanding personality… The filmmakers gave cameras to the volunteers and taught them to film.


IFF “Radonezh” Best Film Award.