Ants Tammik

is a young filmmaker who work mostly as cinematographer. He started his own director debut in 2016 with his first film Fragile World. He has won different prizes with it as a filmmaker and as a cinematographer. Ants has just finished his second full feature documentary and is already working on new projects.


Fragile World, 2016; Maran, 2018.

Fragile World (0+)

Estonia, 2016, colour, 38 min.
Director: Ants Tammik
One of the most defining characteristics of Estonia are its swamps. Swamps are almost like filters that absorb greenhouse gases and clean the air we breathe. Swamps are also good for preserving our groundwater. However, the future doesn't look so bright for swamps. The film combines two separate worlds that opposite each other in form and content. Swamps that have developed throughout evolution as these erratic landforms with its natural inhabitants as opposed to manmade orderliness – perfectly straight lined mining fields.


Matsalu Nature Film Festival – Best Cinematographer, International Festival “Man and Nature” named after V.G. Rasputin – Grand Prix.