Boris Karadzhev

was born in Perm. He graduated from Perm State University and VGIK. For many years he collaborated with various film studios and TV companies, took part in the creation of over 60 films. Between 2001-2006, he was the editor-in-chief of Russian Central Studio of Documentary Films (RCSDF). Since 2002, he is a teacher at the documentary film directing class at VGIK.


(selected filmography) The Starling, 2001; Maya Plisetskaya, 2003; Let There Be Light!, 2003; By The Walls Of Moscow, 2004; The Banks of Rein, 2005; Unnatural Selection, 2006; Contemporaries, 2007; Evacuation Romance, 2011; Writer "P". A Trial of Identification, 2013; Through the Haze…, 2014; Ask Us to Tell It, 2015, "Dream Factory" for Comrade Stalin, 2017; Food Soviet-Way, 2017.

Thirteen Nights (12+)

Russia, 2015, colour, 28 min.
Director: Boris Karadzhev
Thirteen Nights tells the story of one of the most dramatic episodes in disgraced poet Osip Mandelstam’s life: his 13-nightlong exile in Cherdyn, a small Ural town in the mountains…


The XXI International Human Rights Festival “Stalker”, 2015, Moscow, Russia: Jury Diploma for “Keeping Memory of the Tragic Pages in Russia’s History”