Vladislav Tarik

was born in 1935. Since 1958 worked as an assistant DoP, then – as the DoP and director of Sverdlovsk Film Studio. Laureate of the Sverdlovsk Governor’s Award (1996), member of Nika Film Academy (1998), Honorable Cinematographer of Russia (1999).


Filmography: No Deposits Expected..., 1974; Volunteers, 1975; Calm Steel, 1976; The Earth of Ural, 1977; Brothers, 1978; Man's Work, 1981; The Fifth, Siberian..., 1982; Graphics of Yakutia, 1984; Bashkir Tunes, The Way to Tomorrow, 1986; Petition-bearers, 1987; The One With a Song..., 1988; An Egyptian, 1989; I has come... Give me will, 1990; SOS Above The City, 1991; Armageddon, 1994; A Man In the House, or Kevin Kane in the Country of Bolsheviks, 1995; Techa, 1996; Toothache, 1997; Not So Easy, 2005.

An Egyptian (0+)

USSR , 1989, colour, 40 min.
Director: Vladislav Tarik
Christianity categorically rejects the transmigration of souls. However, deacon Mikhail Potapov is convinced that his soul lived more than 30 centuries ago in ancient Egypt and belonged to the body of Pharaoh Akhenaten.