Georgy Negashev

was born in 1947. He graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Culture, postgraduate of LGITMIK. From 1973 to 1990 he worked at Sverdlovsk TV, then at the Sibirkino Film Studio. In 1992, he became a director of the West Siberian Film Studio. Since 1994 – director of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio. Director-General of the documentary film festival "Russia".


The Last Role of Oleg Yurtaikin, 1979; New Times, 1988; Benefit of Smirnov the Plumber, or Red Corner", 1991; The Last King of the Simeiz Beach, 1999; The Last Game with the Dolls, 2010.

Cradle Song With a Doll (6+)

USSR , 1984, colour, 30 min.
Director: Georgy Negashev
The film about Yelena Sapogova, a famous Russian folk singer, Honoured Actress of Russia and a nice woman.