Boris Kustov

was born in 1950 in Tallinn. Director, cameraman and scriptwriter of documentary films. He worked as a photographer at the film studio "Tallinnfilm". In 1974 he graduated from the camera faculty of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). He worked as an operator at the West Siberian Film Studio in Novosibirsk. Since 1977, the director and DoP of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio. Died on January 8, 2013.


These Restless Women, 1979; Meet the Sun, 1980; Grunya, 1985; Leshy. Confession of an Old Man, 1987; Quo Vadis, 1988; Secret Voting, 1988; The Case of Themis, 1989; Blessed are the Exiles, 1990; Meeting with Baba Yaga, 1991; New Information about the End of the World, 1991; Spring Marathon, 1992; Union of Soviet Socialist Records, 1992; Princess. Almost a Christmas Story, 1996; Secrets of Singing Bronze, 2005; The Return of Margarita Barskaya, 2010.

Leshy. Confession of an Old Man (6+)

USSR , 1987, colour, 20 min.
Director: Boris Kustov
Alexander Ivanovich Nikolaev, a veteran of 2 wars, began to protect the forest on a voluntary basis.