Pavel Pechenkin

was born in 1956. When he was young he created slide-films and experimental video-poetic theatre. From 1985 he was assistant director at «Permtelefilm». In 1987 he founded one of the first independent film studios in USSR – Novy Kurs (New Course). He has made over 40 films as a director and producer. Petchenkin has been awarded multiple international film festivals’ prizes. He is the initiator for creating in Perm and Perm Krai a system of media-education. He is the President of IDFF Flahertiana, member of Russian Filmmakers Union, member of Russian Film Academy.


(Selected Filmography) Thirst, 1989; Favourite, 1991; Satan’s Ashes, 1992; Makariev’s Day, 1992; About Olya in Captivity, 1993; Man Who Put Idea In, 1993; Story of Tyurin, artist and victim, 1994; Winner, 1995; Game, 1997; Pictures from the provincial comic’s life, 1997; Katz the Volunteer and all the others, 2000; Vacation, 2004; Alien Children, 2005; Dancing Lesson, 2007; Excursion, 2008; Perm/PERMM, 2010; Days of Red Angels, 2012, Varlam Shalamov. Experience of a Youth, 2014.

Makariev’s Day (0+)

Russia, 1991, colour, 10 min.
Director: Pavel Pechenkin
Nyzhniy Novgorod Oblast, Vetluzhskiy Region, Vetluga river. We see a landscape with a deserted church surrounded with boundless forests, a spring, and a procession of pilgrims going to the Saint’s shrine. The authors of the film just tried to make see the real Russia that everyone can call his home place.