Pavel Petchenkin

was born in 1956. From 1985 he was assistant director at «Permtelefilm». In 1987 he founded one of the first independent film studios in USSR – Novy Kurs (New Course). He has made over 40 films as a director and producer. Petchekin has been awarded multiple international film festivals’ prizes. He is the President of IDFF Flahertiana, a member of Russian Filmmakers Union, member of Russian Film Academy.


Thirst, 1989; House With Windows In Silence, 1990, Favourite, 1991, Satan’s Ashes, 1992, Makariev’s Day, 1992; About Olya in Captivity, 1993; Man Who Put Idea In, 1993; Story of Tyurin, artist and victim, 1994; Winner, 1995; Game, 1997; Pictures from the provincial comic’s life, 1997; Volunteer Kats and Others, 2000; Drug Addiction the Russian Way, 2000; Love is all We Need, 2001; Two Sons of Yaziili Kalimova. Winskaya Melodrama, 2002; Vacation, 2004; Alien Children, 2005; Enthusiast’s travels, 2007; Dancing Lesson, 2007; Excursion, 2008; Perm/PERMM, 2010; Days of Red Angels, 2012, Varlam Shalamov. Experience of a Youth, 2014.

Sergei Lepikhin

was born on 8 June 1955 in Permskaya Oblast. He graduated from VGIK (feature film department) as director of photography in cinema and television (1989). Since 1991 he has been a member of the Russian Filmmakers Union. He participated in creation of many documentary and feature films and programs. Nowadays he is a director and cinematographer at various Perm TV-companies and studios.


Banka, 1985; Little Ostrich Young, 1987; While the River Sleeps, 1989; Zebra-I, 1993; About Olya in Captivity, 1993; Zebra-II, 1994; Mission "Interception", 1995; 75 Circles of Success, 1997, Thus Assigned by Fate…, 1997; The Knowing and the Doing Against the Infections, Narcomania A La Russ, 2000; Kryak, 2000; The Story Just Begins, 2001; The Ural Portal, 2004-2009; Permshchik Robert Belov, Permshchina, 2008; Tracing the Great Inventor, 2009; Barge Haulers on the Kama, 2013; Ivan Semyonov Passion, 2013.

About Olya in Captivity (16+)

Russia, 1993, colour, 25 min.
Directors: Pavel Petchenkin, Sergei Lepikhin
The film is about the destiny of the main character, Olga Glasetova. The audience gets acquainted with her during her last weeks in a prison where she had a daughter at 18. The mode of life, the women’s prison traditions where the familiar features of our «free» life are shown and which Olya so much wants to get, are making the background that is used for the heroine’s portrait. A warm, kind film’s atmosphere will make the audience to feel compassion to her which we all lack in everyday’s life.


Jury Special Prize for the Script and Directing at the Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland, 1993.