Andrey Antchugov

was born in 1961. Graduated from the Ural State University, Journalism Department, in 1985. He worked as a journalist. Graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in 1993. Then worked as a film director, scriptwriter and cameraman at the Sverdlovsk Film Studio. From 2000 and until his death in 2002 he was a professor at the Journalism Faculty of Ural State University.


Granny’s Flat, 1990; The Old Testament’s Story, 1992; Pu-Drum, 1994; Fern’s Blossom, The Boulder, In The Memory of The Crocodile, 1995; Glory To Labor, 1997; Ural Revolution, 1999; Zhikhar, 2002.

Glory To Labor (12+)

Russia, 1997, colour, 30 min.
Director: Andrey Antchugov
Weekdays of the regional newspaper of the village of Mrakovo interspersed with modest holidays.