Vladislav Tarik

was born in 1935. Since 1958 worked as an assistant DoP, then – as the DoP and director of Sverdlovsk Film Studio. Laureate of the Sverdlovsk Governor’s Award (1996), member of Nika Film Academy (1998), Honorable Cinematographer of Russia (1999).


No Deposits Expected..., 1974; Volunteers, 1975; Calm Steel, 1976; The Earth of Ural, 1977; Brothers, 1978; Man's Work, 1981; The Fifth, Siberian..., 1982; Graphics of Yakutia, 1984; Bashkir Tunes, The Way to Tomorrow, 1986; Petition-bearers, 1987; The One With a Song..., 1988; An Egyptian, 1989; I has come... Give me will, 1990; SOS Above The City, 1991; Armageddon, 1994; A Man In the House, or Kevin Kane in the Country of Bolsheviks, 1995; Techa, 1996; Toothache, 1997; Not So Easy, 2005.

The One With a Song... (6+)

USSR , 1988, colour, 25 min.
Director: Vladislav Tarik
The film is devoted to one person, but it seems to be a brilliant lampoon on the mediocrity of our mass culture. It is a serious film – no hint on either a gag or comic detail is dropped. However, it makes you laugh till you cry... and frightens you.