Anatoly Baluev

(born in 1946, village Kochevo of Perm District, died in 2013, Yekaterinburg) is a Russian documentary filmmaker. In 1973 he graduated from the faculty of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), then worked as an editor, and then a director at Sverdlovsk Film Studio, where he shot most of his films. From 1999 to 2006 he worked as a director and head of combining TV movies on STRC "Ural" (Yekaterinburg).


Oh, Bicycle!, 1976; By Choice, 1979; Farewell of Slavianka, 1983; The Fugue, 1988; Hill, 1990; We Were Smoke, 1992; Waves, 1994; Tupi-Tap, 1996; The Choir, 1998; «Bikkoboy (SacrificeofBulls)», 2000; «Russia, the Beginning», 2001; «The Breath of Life», 2002; Mam; 2004; San-Donato, 2005; Swing, 2006; Mirage, 2009; Silver Horse, 2011; Stardust, 2012.

The Choir (12+)

Russia, 1998, colour, 45 min.
Director: Anatoly Baluev
Two choirs. One is based in an ordinary high school and the other in the school for deaf-and-dumb children. The name of the film embraces a much wider sense: it’s about the voice of each person in the Choir of Life.


Grand Prix in the category of professionals at the festival "Movisual" (Budapest, 1999); Prize of International State Broadcasting Company on Open Non–Fcition film Festival "Russia" (Yekaterinburg).