Mohamed El Aboudi

was born and grew up in Morocco. He studied theatre at Fez University, then cinema and television at Bond University, Australia.


(Selected Filmography) My Father, the Freemason, 2003; Ramadan, 2004; Two Mothers, 2005; Inside / Offside, 2006; City Folk Helsinki, 2007; Fight of Fate, 2010; Dance of Outlaws, 2012.

Dance of Outlaws (18+)

Finland, Norway, 2012, colour, 82 min.
Director: Mohamed El Aboudi
Dance of Outlaws is the story of unusual modern-day outlaws to whom the society doesn't give any possibility to earn a living in a respectable way, so they work as wedding dancers. They are Moroccan girls from poor families with little education; rape victims, abandoned child brides, daughters of prostitutes who have been struck out from the official family register and live on the dangerous fringes of the society.