Elena Laskari

graduated in 2005 from the Directing Department of VGIK (workshop of A. Khanyutin). She shoots independent documentary films, and those commissioned by film studios and TV companies. She works with the studios "Fishka Film", "Tochka Zreniya", "KinoArtel", "Art Project", "Parallax Studio", "M Group Production" and shoots for the TV channels "Kultura", and "Rossiya". She is award winner of several Russian documentary film festivals and holds nominations for the "Laurel" and "Teffi” awards.


(Selected Filmography) The Portrait at Gunpoint, 2008; Shnoll. From 0 to 80, 2011; The Heat, 2011; Valenky, 2012; Pooled Experience. Frosty Thaw, 2012; Nightwitch…Her Husband and Sons, 2013; The Worlds of Andrey Linde, 2013; Alexander Zhurbin. Autobiography in Four Movements, 2013; Sparkling Solitude. Alexander and Ludmila Pyatigorskiye, 2014; Del And His Predel, 2014; Larisa and Her Team, 2015; Ceremony, 2015; Tatiana and Sons, 2016.

Ceremony (16+)

Russia, 2015, colour, 56 min.
Director: Elena Laskari
The main character of the film is sure that the main ceremony of one’s life is their funeral. Have you ever thought how it will look like? What will your coffin be like? What will you be dressed in? Whether there will be music? And who will come to say goodbye to you on your last journey?


IFF Message to Man (Saint Petersburg, 2015) – Centaur Prize for the Best Feature Film in National Contest.