Ksenia Elyan

born in Moscow in 1981, Ksenia has been a professional editor of documentaries, TV programs, commercials and other video productions since 2000. She also works as a film director and DoP. In 2010 she graduated from Moscow’s School of Documentary Film and Theater of Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov as a documentary director. Her debut mid-length documentary “Uncle Vova” premiered at Artdocfest in 2010. As a DoP she also participated in such internationally recognized projects as “The Term” (2014) and “My Friend Boris Nemtsov” (2016). “How Big is the Galaxy?” is Ksenia’s full-length documentary debut.


Uncle Vova, 2010; How Big Is the Galaxy, 2018.
“Big Golden Nanook” – Grand Prix for the Best Film of the Festival


Russia, 2018, colour, 72 min.
Director: Ksenia Elyan
Zakhar lives among the vast Arctic spaces of Siberia, 100 miles away from human dwellings. He is 7, but he has his own reindeer and tundra for pasture. One day his nomad family is joined by a teacher, sent by the authorities to explain to the kids why they need math and Putin. The teacher is supposed to give them a standard set of knowledge, but Zakhar craves answers to millions of questions about the world.