David Ofek

was born in Ramat Gan, graduated from the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School (1992). Ofek’s graduation documentary “Home” dozens of international awards have been chosen by an international jury to be one of 20 best school films of all times.


SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY: 5 Love Stories, 1999; The Barbecue People, 2002; No. 17, 2003; A Hebrew Lesson, 2006; Handa Handa 4, 2013; A Song of Ascension, 2018; Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive, 2019.

Gad Aisen

is a director and producer, MFA in Cinema & TV, Tel Aviv University.


Facing the Wind, 2006; Waves of Memory, 2012; Open Heart, 2016; Toklomati, 2018.
“Silver Nanook” – Award for Discovery of New Subjects and New Heroes


Israel , 2018, colour, 71 min.
Directors: David Ofek, Gad Aisen
Since the day Idan was born, his mother Iris promised him that by the time he celebrated age 13, he would meet his African father, Toni Toklomati, for the very first time. How this acquaintance will change the life of the family? Full of surprises and unexpected revelations comes this documentary from Israel.

With the support of the Embassy of Israel in Russian Federation