Alina Rudnitskaya

Кинорежиссер, участник международных и российских фестивалей, член жюри конкурса документальных фильмов ММКФ (2014) и IDFA (2014). Преподаватель СПбГУКиТ.


Letter, 2001; Civil State, 2005; Kiss Me Tight, 2006; How to Become a Bitch, 2008; I will Forget this Day, 2011; Blood, 2013; Victory Day, 2014; Fatei and the Sea, 2018.

Sergei Vinokurov

graduated from A.Sokurov Film School. Member of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia.


Local Time, 1989; She and the City, 1991; It was Snowing in the Morning, 1993; Parking, 1994; Beauty Hunters, 2001; The Theme of Last Summer, 2002; Library, 2002; Obsession, 2002; Tattoo in the Under Heaven, 2002; I will Forget this Day, 2010; Blood, 2013; Kuryokhin. Next, 2015; Fatei and the Sea, 2018.


Russia, Finland, Poland, 2018, colour, 58 min.
Directors: Alina Rudnitskaya, Sergei Vinokurov
The film takes place in the Far East, on the uninhabited Rikord Island in the Gulf of Peter the Great. The protagonist Fatei, together with his family, takes care of his own underwater farm and collects seafood delicacies. Discovering the amazing underwater and terrestrial landscapes of the Primorsky Territory before the audience, the picture tells about the life of a little man who is inextricably linked with the world around him.


IFF “Message to Man” – Special Prize “For an Active Position in Environmental Issues”, Special Prize from the sponsor Lenta Company, Prize from the Environmental Law Organization Bellona for the best film reflecting the problems of the relationship between man and the environment.