Vladimir Golovnev

was born in 1982 in Omsk. In 2004, he graduated from Historical Department of Omsk State University. In 2005, he qualified as a film director in “Internews” Independent School of Film and Television. Member of the Russian Filmmakers Union.


Curtain, 2008; Game, 2010; Game, 2011; Anatomy of a Champion, 2011; Two Childhoods, 2015; Letsplay, 2018.
Russian Documentary Film and Television Guild Award


Russia, 2018, colour, 27 min.
Director: Vladimir Golovnev
Russian filmmaker Vladimir Golovnev has been observing the life of world eSports champions for several months. The film “Letsplay” is a backstage of large scale computer battles, victories and defeats of the heroes of the virtual world.