Masha Barsukova

was born in 1987 in Moscow. She studie d directing at Wordshop courses, the screenwriting department of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), and the screenwriting courses at Kultburo. Shoots documentary and feature films seeking to combine these areas.


Better than the Province, 2013; Seven other Me, 2015; Beyond the Peaks, 2019.


Russia, 2019, colour, 75 min.
Director: Masha Barsukova
The mountains of Altai. Six people slowly rise up... Each of them has their own character, their own fate. And each of them has already overcome the most difficult route in their life – from a severe, deadly disease to a lung transplant, which brought them back to full life. Now these people set off on a difficult journey to show themselves and everyone how limitless their life has become. Meanwhile, in Moscow, the days of those who have yet to take their summit are slowly stretching – to wait and undergo a lung transplant operation. One year of life between Moscow and Altai mountains.
World premiere