Maksim Arbugaev

was born in the village Tiksi (Yakutia) located on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. In 2010, he completed his professional career as an ice hockey player after which he studied in the USA (New York) and China (Hong Kong). Since 2013, he has been a student at the directing department of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK, non-fiction film workshop S. Miroshnichenko, S. Muzychenko).


War, 2014; METEO. The History of Slava the Meteorologist, 2015; Kayury, 2016; Genesis 2.0, 2018; Boy, 2019.
"Small Golden Nanook" Award for the Best Film of National Competition, Main Sponsor's Prize By Aster Group

VOY (12+)

Russia, 2019, colour, 78 min.
Director: Maksim Arbugaev
This dramatic film tells about the Russian Paralympic national football team for the blind, which is preparing for an important event – the European Championship. The team has one goal – to win a gold medal, for the first time in history to get a ticket to the World Championship. But on this path, the team has to overcome the obstacles that put the athletes’ dream at risk.
World premiere