Simonka de Jong

was born in Amsterdam in 1972. She studied Art History and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Her first documentary Czech Christmas (2005) told the story of the difficult relationship between her mother and aunt and won the Special Jury Prize at the festival Crossroads of Europe in Lublin, Poland. In Yvette (2007) the director followed a 16-year old extreme right girl, that unexpectedly became pregnant and decided to keep the child. Pets in Pots, a short documentary about the loneliness of a young girl that put her dead pets on alcohol, premiered at IDFA in 2008 and won the Unicef Award at the Vittorio Short biography of Veneto Film Festival. In the making is a documentary about the directors director grandfather, the famous Dutch historian Loe de Jong.


«Tsjechisch Kerstfeest», «'Café Crème», «'Lonsdalers versus Allochtonen», «Restauratie schilderij Jan van ScoreI», «Yvette», «Vogel op Sterk Water» (Pets in Pots), «'Het zwijgen van Loe de Jong (The Silent Historian), «The Only Son», 2012.
Prize “Silver Nanook”

The Only Son (0+)

The Netherlands, Belgium, 2012, 78 min.
Director: Simonka de Jong
While the only son Pema and his sisters are studing abroad his parents work the land of the ancestors in a far away village in the Himalayan mountains. The parents want their son to return to the village of his birth, marry a local girl and start to take care of them. But Pema can't imagine his life without computers and books and marriage without love. What decision should the only son of a big Tibetian family make?