Pawel Lozinski

director, scriptwriter and producer of documentary and fiction films born in 1965 in Warsaw. He earned his degree from the Film Directing Department of Łódź Film School. He has won prestigious awards at festivals in Bornholm, Paris, Leipzig and Krakow. Movies "Sisters" and "Chemistry" became winners of the International Film Festival "Flahertiana" in 2000 and 2010.


«Voyage», 1990; «Birthplace», 1992; «A hundred years in the cinema», 1995; «Gutter», 1996; «The way it is», «Sisters», 1999; «The Ukrainian cleaning lady», 2002; «Our census», «My nature index in the Lezno village», 2003; «Between the doors», 2004; «Jacek Hugo-Bader, corespondent from Poland», 2007; «Kitty, Kitty», 2008; «Chemo», 2009; «Inventory», 2010; «Tonya and her children », 2011; «Father and son» , 2013.

Father and son (16+)

Poland, 2013, colour, 54 min.
Director: Pawel Lozinski
This is a film about two acclaimed directors - Marcel and Paweł Łoziński. They share a surname and a passion for the same profession. Their relationships are close but complicated. One day they have decided to go on a car journey across Europe. For the father, it is a return to his birthplace, for the son, an attempt to review their mutual past. Both have tried to capture this difficult dialogue with camera. This is the version of Paweł Łozinski.


53 Krakow FF, Poland – Siler Horn; Moscow FF, Russia – Silver Goerge