Alexey Zhiriakov

graduated from Directors Department of GITIS. His first play «Exibits» based on the novel of V. Durnenkov in Teatr.Doc was rated by the critics as an event of the season (newspaper «Cultura»), participated in «Golden Mask Festival» (programs Russian Case and Mask Plus), GogolFest and LSD in DAKH (Kiev Theatre), «Duel» in «Baltiysky Dom» Theatre etc. Play “Hour Eighteen” based on the Elena Gremina in (in partnership with Mikhail Ugarov and Georg Jeno). The play film school of M. Razbezhkina and M. Ugarov.


television film «Churchill» (in partnership with Mikhail Ugarov), 2009; «Winter, Go Away», 2012 (joint project of 10 directors, graduates of workshop of M. Razbezhkina), «Katya, Vitya, Dima», 2012.
Natinal Competition Jury Mention for best director

Katya, Vitya, Dima (0+)

Russia, 2012, colour, 57 min.
Director: Alexey Zhiriakov
The film shows us how it is possible to be happy even with a total absence of money. Sasha and Marina raise three children in the rickety house without water supply but in one of the most picturesque regions of Russia, the Black Earth area. The heroes of film live the normal life as if they are not being shot. They get used to the camera and absolutely forget about it – and that’s when the most interesting things start. The centre of attention is Katya, their jolly and charming daughter.