Irina Vasilieva

was born January 13, 1955 in Moscow. She graduated from scriptwriters workshop of VGIK. Irina is an Art Director of Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation “World Russian Television” and Chief Executive of OOO Fishka Film Studio.


«Sky behind the Bars (authors цикл of Anatoly Pristavkin), 2004; «Walk on the Water», 2004; «G.O.D. and Bozhena», 2005; «Destiny of Millionaire in Russia», 2005; «Two Masters of One Margarita», 2006; «Eternal», 2007; «Space and Chaos of Aleksey Losev», 2007; «Headache of Monsieur Lumier», 2008; «Karamazovs Brotherhood», 2009; «Second», 2009; «Novel on blood», 2009; «Bog», 2010; «Pheophan and Gyppokampus», 2010; «Russian country woman», 2011; «Love and More than Love», 2011; «Talks with the Wise», 2011; «The Movie’s Over», 2012 .
National Competition Jury Mention for the best script

The Movie’s Over (16+)

Russia, 2012, colour, 52 min.
Director: Irina Vasilieva
The time has come to live simply. Just love. Some highly purified love. "Cinema" in their lives started nearly 10 years ago when we began our movie and then we could hardly imagine how this romantic adventure is going to end. Then, Lena, mother of three, the embodiment of unfathomable Russian soul, in the nature of sacrifice divorced the father of her kids Yura and married a murderer sentenced to life imprisonment. What was it? Now, after many hard times and painful life tests, becoming husband and wife again, Lena and Yura, simple rural aristocrats of the spirit, once again amaze us with the depth of their introspection, subtlety of feelings, humor and sadness about the unrealizable.


Special prize at 5th Russian Film Festival in New York; Grand Prix of documentary film competition at XXth Festival "Window to Europe"; Special prize of embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Russian Federation at XVIIIth Stalker Festival.