Laura Kissel

is a documentary filmmaker and Director of the Film and Media Studies Program at the University of South Carolina. She received a Fulbright Award in 2009 and lived in China for seven months while in production on her latest documentary “Cotton Road”, a documentary connecting South Carolina cotton farmers, Chinese textile workers, and global consumers.


“Leaving Bristol”, 1999; “Vivian’s Beauty Shop”, 2002; “Cabin Field”, 2005; “Beyond the Classroom”, “Unfettering the Falcons” 2007; «Window Cleaning in Shanghal», 2010; “Tan Mian Hua”, 2011.

Tan Mian Hua (0+)

China, USA, 2011, 15 min.
Director: Laura Kissel
'Tan Mian Hua' documents the process of creating a cotton quilt using traditional techniques. The film creatively captures the unique rhythm and sounds of the tools used to build a proper quilt. The Zhu family on Chongming Island in the Shanghai District have been making cotton quilts since the Great Leap Forward. In this short video they share their thoughts on the process as they demonstrate tan mian hua.