Pawel Lozinski

director, scriptwriter and producer of documentary and fiction films born in 1965 in Warsaw. He earned his degree from the Film Directing Department of Łódź Film School. He has won prestigious awards at festivals in Bornholm, Paris, Leipzig and Krakow.


“Voyage”, 1990; “Birthplace”, 1992; “A hundred years in the cinema”, 1995; “Gutter”, 1996; “The way it is”, “Sisters”, 1999; “The Ukrainian cleaning lady”, 2002; “Our census”, “My nature index in the Lezno village”, 2003; “Between the doors”, 2004; “Jacek Hugo-Bader, corespondent from Poland”, 2007; “Kitty, Kitty”, 2008; “Chemo”, 2009.
“Silver Nanook” Award For the best short film

Chemo (0+)

Poland, 2009, colour, 58 min.
Director: Pawel Lozinski
Patients in an oncology clinic receive chemotherapy. Their faces can be seen in a close-up. They lie in pairs and hold fascinating conversations. Life seen from a different perspective, a distance offered by a hospital, reveals its value, sense and charm. Why so late?


49th Krakow Film Festival – Silver Hobby Horse for the Best Documentary; DOK Leipzig – MDR Award; Prix Europa, Berlin, Germany – Grand Prix; DOXA – Documentary FF, Best Feature Documentary, Canada; One World – International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival – Best Director Award.