Ivan Tverdovsky

was born on February 26 in 1961 in Schelkovo city. He graduated from Moscow aviation institute (1985). Since 1988, he is video engineer in “Videofilm” corporation. Since 1994, he is picture editor at RCSDF (Russian studio of documentaries). In 2001 he founded studio of non-fiction films “Tochka zreniya”. Since 2001, he is director of documentaries. Ivan filmed more than 30 non-fictional movies, which were awarded at national and international film festivals. In 2008 he had his debut in fiction films as production director of “What happened in M city”.


“Big holidays of 30s”, 2003; “Little victorious war”, 2004; “Between duty and sense”, 2004; “Marshals of victory”, 2005; “40s. Pages from the notebook of time”, 2005; “Richard Sorge’s riddles”, 2005; “Grigoriy Chukhrai. True to soldier’s memory”, 2006; “Troublemaker Leonid Soloviev”, 2006; “Quiet cinema of Boris Barnet”, 2007; “Volunteers”, 2009; “General Douglas. Interrupted flight”, 2009; “Plow and cross of Vassily Belov”, 2009; “State film fund”, 2010; “From old tapper’s notes”, 2011; “Silence zone”, 2011; “Russian road”, 2011; 2012; “Sun city. Russian style”, “Mordovia through thousand years”, 2012; “Washtub, skies, bicycle”, 2013; “Grumant. Island of communism”, 2014; “Dmitriev”, 2014.
Special Jury Mention for the sympathetical insight into the social subject

Washtub, Skis, Bicycle (16+)

Russia, 2013, colour, 44 min.
Director: Ivan Tverdovsky
Daily routine of a social worker on the way. Brave woman walks dozens of kilometers to bring water and firewood for old people in several villages, only 12 on a large space around. Social services gave their workers only two types of vehicle: a bicycle for summer and a washtub with skis for winter.