Rafał Skalski

born in 1985 in Warsaw. A student of the Film Directing Department at the National Film Television and Theatre School in Łódź (Master Degree). An author of film studies: “Little wisdoms” (2005), award-winning “52 percent” (2007) and “So that there’s nothing”.

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Poland, 2009, colour, 51 min.
Director: Rafał Skalski
“For him I'm a woman, not a wheel chair”, says one of the characters featuring in Rafał Skalski's documentary when describing the relations between her, a woman with mobility problems, and her partner.
The film is a story of love, attachment and a life together with a disabled person, which is not much different from the life of healthy couples. They have the same dreams, needs and desires. They plan their future together, furnish a new flat, go dancing and travel. They are not ashamed of talking about their intimacy and discussing their sexual activity in a remarkably open way. Like every relationship, they also encounter problems that are not always caused by disability.