Marcel Lozinski

born in Paris in 1940. Graduate of Film Directing Department in the National School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz (1971). In 1994, nominated for the American Academy Award and for the European Film Academy Award for the documentary – «89 mm from Europe». Since 1995, member of the American Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science awarding Oscars. Lectured at FEMIS film school and the School of Polish Culture of the Warsaw University; ran documentary film workshops in Marseilles. Currently lectures at Andrzej Wajda’s Master School for Film Directors and international documentary film workshops Dragon Forum.


«Witnesses» (1988); «Poland 45-89» (1989); «Katyn-Forrest» (1990); «Seven Jews From My Class» (1992); «89 mm From Europe» (1993); «Anything Can Happen» (1995); «Poland After Victory 89-95» (1995); «So It Doesn't Hurt» (1998); «I Remember» (2001); «How Is It Done» (2006); «If it happens» (2007).

Poste Restante (0+)

Poland, 2008, colour, 14 min.
Director: Marcel Lozinski
Letters, whose recipients can’t be found end up in the Undeliverable Letters Department in Koluszki. There are around a million of them in Poland each year, among them those addressed to God. The film tells a story of one of those letters.


The Award of Silver Dragon for the director of the best documentary film of 49th Krakow Film Festival, The EFA nomination (the European Film Award) of Krakow Film Festival, The FIPRESCI Award at Krakow Film Festival, 2009.