Maciej Cuske

was born on March 28, 1972 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, graduated from the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Directing in Warsaw. Directed few widely appreciated documentary films.


Selected Filmography: «The Cure» (2004); «The Second-Hand Bookstore» (2005); «Suburban Train» (2006); «Observe the Sabbath and Keep It Holy» (2008).

Observe the Sabbath and Keep It Holy (0+)

Poland, 2008, colour, 45 min.
Director: Maciej Cuske
Part of the series The Decalogue… After The Decalogue: Commandment III. Stasiu will have his First Communion sacrament in few months. It is the hottest time in which everything, spiritually as well as materially, is being prepared for the forthcoming celebration. All members of the family go through this time in a different way: Grandparents, parents, and Stas himself. The gap between generations becomes visible. The life goes on, while the special day approaches quicker and quicker… This is in-depth, carried with a «patient» camera eye observation of the director’s family.


Best Documentary Film – Krakow IDFF 2008.