Anatoliy Baluev

was born and grew up in the village Kotchevo (Komi-Permaytzkiy Okrug, in the present Perm Krai). In 1973 he graduated from the VGIK and for more than 25 years worked in the Sverdlovsk film studio first as editor then as director. In recent years he has shot films at various film and TV studios of Ekaterinburg.


«Oh, Bike!», 1976; «The Fugue», 1988; «We Were Smoke», 1992; «The Waves», 1994; «Tupi-Tap», 1996; «The Choir», 1998; «Bykoboy», 2000; «Russia. The Beginning», «The Kiss of Life», 2001; «San Donato», 2005.

The Fugue (0+)

Russia, 1988, b/w, 75 min.
Director: Anatoliy Baluev
This experimental documentary shot 20 years ago is made of newsreel of different countries and different peoples starting from the first days of cinema. Documentary cuts are changed by fiction episodes where famous Russian actors occur such as Vladimir Steklov, Aleksandr Porokhovshikov and Olga Gobzeva.