Wolfgang Bergmann

was 1946 born in Paderborn, Westfalia. 1967-1972 studies in Hamburg and Munich: journalism, art and philosophy. 1972-1974 assistant of director: Geissendörfer, Stöckl, Furtwängler und Kotulla. 1974-1982 director of film distributions “Neue Welt” and “Verleihgenossenschaft der Filmemacher e.g.”.


«Shadows Over The Future», 1982-1985; «Only Utopia Can Save Us...», 1988; «Following The Trail», «The mystery of the Thora of Straubing», 1989; «Into The Land Of Fulfilment», 1990; «Railway Stations Of Europe Tell Their Stories», 1992; «The Reichseinsaltz», 1993; «Misused Helpers», 1996; «Late Victims», 1998; «Hans Gunther Winkler», 2005; «No More Killing», 2007.

No More Killing (0+)

Germany , 2007, colour, 93 min.
Director: Wolfgang Bergmann
Non-lethal weapons were promoted and used to humanize social and political conflicts: in other words, to make sure no one dies during demonstrations and arrests. However, things did not went the way authorities wanted and soon the name had to be changed into “less-lethal” weapons because of too many “accidental” deaths along the way. NO MORE KILLING looks at the utopia of “soft bullets”, non-lethal confrontation and peaceful conflict resolution.