Anna Bucchetti

was born in Milan. There she graduated in 1991 at the Film and Tv Academy (CFP) as lighting cameraman. In 1992 she moved to Amsterdam. Between 1994 and and 1998 she wrote and directed documentaries for the serial 'YOY', broadcasted by Human Television. In the following years she worked reasearching and directing documentaries for VPRO and NPS Broadcast. In 2004 she was chief editor for Educational Television (Etv) in Amsterdam. Winner of Grand-Prix “Big Golden Nanook”, IDFF “Flahertiana-2006”


“With love, me”, 1994; “Turkis Delight”, “Zone warriors”, 1995; “You have to do it by yourself”, “Through our own eyes in Sarajevo”, 1996; ” Endless start”,1997; “Solid”,1998; “Female revolutionaries”, 2000; “An Italian story”, “A world business”, 2002; “Genoa, thruogh my own eyes”, 2003; «Dreaming by Numbers», 2005; “Stay”, 2008.

An Italian Story (0+)

the Netherlands, 2002, colour, 48 min.
Director: Anna Bucchetti
An Analysis of Political Elections in Italy in 2002, when Silvio Berlusconi was chosen to rule the country. What is the effect of media’s he owns on people’s mentality, and why did a large part of Italians vote for him?