Pawel Pawlikowski

was born in Warsaw; left Poland at 14, lived in Germany and Italy, studied literature and philosophy at London and Oxford, making films since mid 80’s.


«Lucifer Over Lancashire», 1987; «Extraordinary Adventures», 1988; «Vaclav Havel», 1989, «From Moscow to Pietushki», 1990; «Dostoevsky's Travels», 1991
«Serbian Epics», 1992; «The Grave Case of Charlie Chaplin», 1993; «Tripping with Zhirinovsky», 1995; «The Stringer», 1997; «Twockers»,1998; «Last Resort», 2000; «My Summer of Love», 2004.

From Moscow to Pietushki (0+)

UK, 1990, colour, 48 min.
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
"From Moscow to Pietushki" is a poetic journey into the world of the Russian cult writer Venedikt Yerofeev, as he is slowly dying of cancer after 40 years of principled and heroic alcohol consumption. Pawel uses elements of Yerofeev’s cult novel “Moscow Pietushki” to paint a powerful and complex picture of Russia of the time. The film won an Emmy and Royal Television Society Award among others.


Emmy International, Prix Italia, Royal Television Society, Banff