Pawel Pawlikowski

was born in Warsaw; left Poland at 14, lived in Germany and Italy, studied literature and philosophy at London and Oxford, making films since mid 80’s.


«Lucifer Over Lancashire», 1987; «Extraordinary Adventures», 1988; «Vaclav Havel», 1989, «From Moscow to Pietushki», 1990; «Dostoevsky's Travels», 1991
«Serbian Epics», 1992; «The Grave Case of Charlie Chaplin», 1993; «Tripping with Zhirinovsky», 1995; «The Stringer», 1997; «Twockers»,1998; «Last Resort», 2000; «My Summer of Love», 2004.

Dostoevsky's Travels (0+)

UK, 1991, colour, 50 min.
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
The multi-award winning Dostoevsky's Travels takes the form of a tragi-comic road movie with the only living descendant of the great Russian novelist - a St Petersburg tram driver Dmitri Dostoevsky. The film follows his travels around Western Europe, as he haunts high-minded humanists, aristocrats, monarchists and the Baden Baden casino, on his quest to raise money to buy a second hand Mercedes. The film is a picaresque journey as well as a meditiation on the cultural mismatch between East and West.


Royal Television society, Banff