Pawel Pawlikowski

was born in Warsaw; left Poland at 14, lived in Germany and Italy, studied literature and philosophy at London and Oxford, making films since mid 80’s.


«Lucifer Over Lancashire», 1987; «Extraordinary Adventures», 1988; «Vaclav Havel», 1989, «From Moscow to Pietushki», 1990; «Dostoevsky's Travels», 1991
«Serbian Epics», 1992; «The Grave Case of Charlie Chaplin», 1993; «Tripping with Zhirinovsky», 1995; «The Stringer», 1997; «Twockers»,1998; «Last Resort», 2000; «My Summer of Love», 2004.

Tripping with Zhirinovsky (0+)

UK, 1994, colour, 45 min.
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
Tripping with Zhirinovsky, is a surreal boat journey down the Volga with the Russian nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky and his retinue, as he campaigns to win the Russian presidency in 1994. He travels from Moscow to the Caspian Sea, trying to raise the spirits of the impoverished masses assembled at the quayside, promising the re-conquest of Alaska, access to the Indian Ocean and free nylon stockings. The film best demostrates Pawel’s potent use of landscape as an intregral part of the language of documentary and won the Grierson award for the Best British Documentary in 1995.


Grierson Award for Best british documentary of the year, 1995.