Galina Sinkina

gratuated from the VGIK, faculty of feature film production. She graduated from the RUDN, faculty of international journalism. She got the diploma “Zolotoe pero” for the articles and essays in the newspaper “Pedagoguicheskiy kaleidoskop”.


Video-art projects “Death is the Orgasm of Life”, “Till Beauty Saves the World, Freakes Will Destroy It”, “Retribution”, 2000; “Mikhail Ugarov. Documentary theatre”, 2002; “Master Comma Margarita”, 2005.

A Special One (0+)

Russia, 2005, colour, 43 min.
Director: Galina Sinkina
The film is about the life of Ekaterina Kovaleva who served her sentence in the penitentiary for violent murder. After her play was staged in the Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre and Kovaleva was conducted under escort to the premiere she became famous in the theatrical world of Russia. But then luck turned its back upon her although her literary talent didn’t vanish, it on the contrary started to strengthen and develop.