Alexey Pogrebnoy

Training: the Moscow State Institute of Culture (1970), the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema (correspondence course, 1979). Honoured Workman of Arts of the Russian Federation. Currently works at the Kirov Regional Television (since 1974).


«The Village Brides», 1977; «The Address Remains: To the Village», 1979; «In the Eyes of the Whole Village», 1980; «The Invitation Card», 1982; «The Right to Diploma», 1985; «Kolya the Victim of Fashion», 1991; «The Atar Bend», 1992; «In the Village of Kukarekovka», 1995; «Lyoshka’s Meadow», 1994–1997; «The Country Life of Vladimir and Tatiana», 1999; «For the Whole Life Ahead», 2000; «The Spider’s Web», 2001; «Forgive Me for Living», 2002.
The award for the best full-length film

Sorry For Being Alive (0+)

Russia, 2002, colour, 52 min.
Director: Alexey Pogrebnoy
As a result of injury, received at birth, Vera Kazakova became invalid, and having lost opportunity of free movement, seemed to be doomed to solitary life. But she could change the fateful course of events and found personal happiness.