Rob Rombout

was born in 1953 in Amsterdam. He teaches at cinema schools of Europe, has a workshop in San-Paolo (Brazil) since 1975. He lives in Brussels.


The Man Who Spoke Too Much (1985), No Presents for Father Frost (1986), Between Two Towers (1987), The Nothern Express (1990), “Queen Elizabeth II” (1992), The Black Island (1994), Amsterdam (1995), Perm-Mission (1999).

Canton, City of the chinese (0+)

Belgium, 2001, colour, 52 min.
Director: Rob Rombout
It is spoken, that Canton is the most Chinese of cities in China. It is a megapolis where 8 million people live. A city without borders, without a certain structure, in a condition of infinite reconstruction. Violent city where traces of the past quickly disappear under concrete and roadways where the chaos takes top above the existential organization.