Russian Flahertiana

“Small Golden Nanook” – Award for the Best Film of National Competition, Main Sponsor’s Prize by ASTER Group
Let Me Live MY Life (18+)

Russia, 2018, colour, 46 min.
Director: Olga Averkieva

Special Jury Mention for Sincere and Artistic Disclosure of the Character
Heavenly Jester (12+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 88 min.
Director: Sergey Lando

Special Jury Mention for Critical Analysis of Gender Stereotypes
Sing (12+)

Russia, Poland , 2017, colour, 53 min.
Director: Olga Korotkaya

Special Jury Mention for Cinematographic Approach to Film-Portrait
Everyone Wants to Live Forever (12+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 65 min.
Director: Evgeniy Golynkin

The Last Robinsons of the Okhotsk Sea (16+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 56 min.
Director: Svetlana Bychenko

Shamanic Lessons for Beginners (12+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 72 min.
Director: Svetlana Stasenko

Film for Carlos (18+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 31 min.
Director: Byron Renato Borrayo Serrano

Artificial Respiration (12+)

Russia, 2018, colour, 55 min.
Director: Galina Leontieva

Rigid Hitch (12+)

Russia, 2018, colour, 60 min.
Director: Alexander Kalashnikov, Mikhail Tarkovsky

My Love (18+)

Russia, Kazakhstan, 2018, colour, 41 min.
Director: Zaka Abdrakhmanova

Uncle Sasha, or One Flew over Russia (18+)

Russia, 2018, colour, 58 min.
Director: Tatiana Soboleva

The Fatherland's Smoke (12+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 80 min.
Director: Alexey Pogrebnoy

VovaNina (12+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 70 min.
Director: Natalia Nazarova

Granny (18+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 26 min.
Director: Ludmila Bychkova