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The Festival Closing Ceremony

The Big Cinema Hall

Closing Ceremony in Big Cinema Hall began at 20.00

Participants of Flahertiana 2014

Small Silver Nanook Award for the best film of "Russian "Flahertiana" and 25 000 rubles was given to director Vladimir Gerchikov for the film Fiddler's Songs

International Competition Audience Award was given to Mashti Esmaeil, dir. Mahdi Zamanpoor, Iran

Grand-Prix and Big Golden Nanook - Abu Haraz, dir. Maciej J. Drygas, Poland

IDFF Flahertiana is closed

Press conference on the Festival's results

The International Jury President Iikka Vehkalahti (Finland)

National Competition Jury President Vladimir Malanin

Day 8

At the last day of the Festival Rainer Komers presented his three films as a part of Focus Germany program. The films tell stories from Japan, the USA and Jemen

Boris Karadzhed presented his new films - Through the Haze... and The Vicissitudes of Translation

Lorna Lowe presented the last films of the Flahery Seminar at Flahertiana program

Vladimir Sokolov presemted the film Cardiopolitika to the Perm audience

Meanwhile in the Festival's Direction the final preparation was taking place

From 19.00 in Big Cinema Hall's pagoda everyone had the chance to tell about their expreience of the Festival live! On the photo: director Boris Karadzhev

Before the Ceremony started guests and participants of the Festival shared their impressions

The Closing Ceremony took place in Big Cinema Hall

The unchanging hosts of the Ceremony - Pavel Pechenkin and Alyona Kotova

National Competition Jury have given their awards. Small Silver Nanook Award for the best film of "Russian "Flahertiana" was given to the director Vladimir Gerchikov for the film Fiddler's Songs

The first award of the International Competition - Audience Award - Mashti Esmaeil (dir. Mahdi Zamanpoor)

Grand-Prix for the best film, Flahertiana's main award Big Golden Nanook and FIPRESCI Silver Nanook Award was given to Maciej J. Drygas, Poland, for the film Abu Haraz. Lech Molińsky, the director of Polish Festival promised to forward the award to the director

International Jury members have prepaired a surprise

Jury President Iikka Vehkalahti gives a "special" prize which he won in Perm Gorky Park range to the President of the Festival Pavel Pechenkin

Traditional Flahertiana photo with guests and participants of the Festival

After the Festival's Closing Ceremony a final press conference was held

Valeriy Mazanov has questions for the speakers

At the final press conference of Flahertiana 2014

National Competition Jury President Vladimir Malanin told about the seen Russian films

International Jury members explained their desicion. The floor is given to the Jury's President Iikka Vehkalahti

International Jury President Iikka Vehkalahti (Finland)

Day 7

Director Elena Laskari and a cameraman Anna Artemyeva present their film "Del and his predel" in the context of the international competition

In the 7th day's morning a pitching for young cinematographers took place. Producers from the South Africa, Finland, Italy and Germany estimated projects of Perm directors.

Director Mahdi Zamanpoor from Iran presented his film of the competitive programme "Mashti Esmaeil"

Retrospective shows "Novy kurs studio celebrates 25 years"

Director Dmitriy Zabolotskih presented his film

Masterclass from С. Cay Wesnigk (Germany)

The jury of the international competition are choosing the best Russian film of 2014 year

Jury president of the international competition Vladimir Malanin and the member of jury Andrei Bezukladnikov

Meanwhile the conference of the national competition jury was going

Members of the ICFF "Flahertiana" International Jury - Valeriy Solomin (Russia) and Don Edkins (South Africa)

The decision was made!

Director and Flaherty Seminar board member Lorna Lowe presented American documentaries

The audience of "Flahertiana"

"Focus Germany" programm continued. A director Jochen Hick presents his film

A special screening of the film "Act of killing" (dir. Joshua Oppenheimer) took place in the evening

A film producer Iikka Vehkalahti started to present his film very unexpectedly

Robert Flaherty’s grandson, Finnish director Sami van Ingen presented restored version of his ancestor's film "Moana" (1926)

The final show of the films at «Through Young Eyes» festival (Poland)

Lech Molinski («Through Young Eyes» Festival, Poland) told the audience about Polish documentaries of the young directors

25 year anniversary celebration of Novy Kurs Studio took place in the evening

Presenters of the evening - Vladimir Sokolov and Olga Averkieva

Pavel Petchenkin, one of the founders of Novy Kurs Studio

Konstantin Berezovsky - the cult Perm director is among the guests

Guests gave gifts to Novy Kurs Studio

Vladimir Kirshin - a writer and a Novy Kurs Studio's friend

Day 6

Vladimir Beresnev presents last films from the national competition - "Nepal forever" and "The peasant story"

Audience of "Flahertiana"

Producer of "Love and Designing" Kaarle Aho presents the film under the festival competitive programme

Kaarle Aho replied to the audience`s questions and told how one can measure love with scientific methods

Judges work without any pauses. During free minutes they call home or they`re in business talks

Producer of "Special need" Erica Barbiani presents the fim to the audience and to the judges

Lecture by Lech Molyinsky (Festival "In terms of youth", Poland)

In Perm Lech not only presented the most popular debuts of the Polish festival, but also he gave a lecture for young cinematographers

International scientific conference "New senses and practics of the media education" met in the sixth hall

Speech about opportunities of juvenile mass media for school media education (with support of UNPRESS-Perm)

Member of the international jury Ikka Vehkalahti presents his film "Voices of El Alto"

Iikka told the "Flahertiana" audience about meaning of an ordinary man in documentary and his value as a hero

Juryman of the national competition Andrey Bezukladnikov

Pavel Pechenkin opens the programme "Focus Germany"

Producer of documentary, journalist and translator Ira Kormannshaus presents a programme of the German documentary

Invited guests and friends of the director came to the premiere

Yesterday there was premiere of two new films by Boris Karadzhev - "Through darkness" and "Vicissitudes of translation"

Films of Boris Karadzhev always play to full house of Perm

Film by Kay Vesnigk "Clear propaganda" was presented under the programme "Focus Germany"

The director of the film replied to questions of festival guests

Day 5

Pupils begin every morning with documentary films

Day 5 started with international competition screening. Shawney Cohen (Canada) presented his film "The Manor".

Almost full house even in the morning

"Russian Flahertiana" started with "Holocaust - is that wallpaper glue?" (Mumin Shakirov, Director)

Director tried to tell the audience as much as possible about the characters - the Karatygin sisters

Vladimir Sokolov presenting program "Retrospective: Novy Kurs studio celebrates 25 years". Yesterday the films of Semen Sosnin and Konstantin Shitov were screened.

Presentation of Flahertiana. ADA Post-production Lab Perm-2015

Adam Paplinski, ADA's Coordinator (Poland), told about the school concept

International Jury member Valeriy Solomin presented his film: I'm as old as Charlie Chaplin, and so will be my film.

"A man in the shadow" (Dir. Iikka Vehkalahti) was screened within "Jury members' films" program

Lech Molinski (artistic director of THROUGH YOUNG EYES Film Festival) and Denis Viren (Polish Institute in Moscow) presented Polish documentaries

THROUGH YOUNG EYES special gathered full house. After the screening discussion lasted for half an hour

Erica Barbiani ("The special need", Producer) and Kaarle Aho ("Love and Engineering", Producer)

Special event for Polish delegation in the evening

Polish Institute in Perm welcoming the guests from Poland

The audience after tne screening "Mom, I'll kill you" (Directed by Elena Pogrebizhskaya)

"Learning Italian" (Directed by Tofik Shakhverdiev) closed Day 5 at IDFF Flahertiana

Director talking to the audience. Late screening didn't hinder lively discussion

Day 4

Dmitry Chulakov, International competition curator

Jury during International competition screening

Marjan Riahi ("Iranian Ninja", Director) answering in her native language the audience questioins, next to her - Farsi translator

Or Sinai, "Violet, my life", Director (Israel)

International Jury at work

Avi Weissblei ("The Ceremony", Director) talking to the audience after the screening

Svetlana Bychenko ("Brothers and birds", Director) presented her film in national competition

Konstantin Shitov ("God is with us", Director) answering the audience questions

The pratagonist of the national competition film "God is with us"

Pavel Petchenkin presenting his film "Varlam Shalamov. Experience of a youth"

Patrons of IDFF Flahertiana

Full house at the art board of Pavel Petchenkin

"The fisherman and the dancing girl" directed by Valeriy Solomin was screened within Jury member's films

After the screening Valeriy Solomin discussed the film with the audience

"Ash and Money" (Estonia) press club, day 4

Students, journalists, political scientists and strategists came to screen "Ash and money"

Svetlana Makovetskaya, press club coordinator. Experts: Alexey Kopysov, Sergey Ilyin, Oleg Borisenko, Nikolay Ivanov and others

Pavel Petchenkin, IDFF Flahertiana President

Ella Davletchina, the "Meetings in Siberia" Film Festival Director, presented her film "Say it in Bashkir"

Two more screenings within CINEMA VERITE special (Iran): "Heritage of stepfather" and "The scent of lemon at dawn". The films were presented by Morteza Razah Karimi (Iran)

Arina Maslakova, Media relations officer at Flahertiana

International Jury member Lubomir Gueorguiev talking to Perm TV company about the difference between documentary and feature films

Day 3

International competition screening

Guido Hendrikx ( "Escort", Director) presenting his film

International competition screening

Guido Hendrikx (Director, the Netherlands) and Aleksandra Domracheva (Foreign relations manager at Flahertiana)

Vladimir Beresnev presenting "Russian Flahertiana" program

Russian Flahertiana screening

Director Veronika Solovieva presenting her film "Arctic Wind"

National Competition Jury - Valeriy Zarovniannykh, Andrei Bezukladnikov, Rashid Davletshin

Natalia Mazur, administrator of DOC.LESSON project

Arina Maslakova presenting "Focus Caucasus" program

"Millenium" festival (Belgium) at IDFF Flahertiana

Oscar Alegria's lecture (Punto de Vista festival, Spain)

Oscar Alegria told the Flahertiana Workshop participants about his festival and spanish documantery films

The audience and participants of Flahertiana Workshop

Oscar Alegria (Spain)

Morteza Razah Karimi, producer, head of department of culture in Centre of documentary and experimental cinema (Iran)

Pavel Pechenkin opening the most exotic program at Flahertiana - CINEMA VERITE Special (Iran)

Morteza Razah Karimi presenting CINEMA VERITE program (Iran)

Director Boris Karadzhev opening commemoration meeting of Sergei Skvortsov

Sergei Skvortsov commemoration meeting

At the commemoration meeting of Sergei Skvortsov his reel film "Give us for the day" was screened

Projectionist courageously operated in a booth during the whole 72 minutes

Magic of cinema transcends screening halls of Flahertiana

The audience of Flahertiana

Flahertiana, day 3

Oscar Alegria presenting films of PUNTO DE VISTA Festival - "The Janitor" and "The Tailor"

The audience of Flahertiana

Yesterday Flahertiana participants celebrated the 130th anniversary of Robert J. Flaherty

Day 2

Olga Averkieva, Flahertiana Workshop curator

During the festival screenings

Konstantin Saltykov, filmmaker, Flahertiana Workshop participant

Iikka Vehkalahti (Finland), Jury President

FIPRESCI Jury member Yakout El-Deeb (Egypt) watching the competition program

During the festival screenings

Watching "Russian Flahertiana" program

Svetlana Stasenko, filmmaker, Russian Flahertiana participant

Svetlana Stasenko ("Diary of an addict") answering audience questions

Patrons of Flahertiana

Svetoslav Draganov presenting "Life almost wonderful" to the audience of Flahertiana

Discussion of "Life almost wonderful" (directed by Svetoslav Draganov, Bulgaria), International competition participant

"Meet the artist" session with Boris Karadzhev

Boris Karadzhev talking to Flahertiana Workshop participants about film study in Russia

Boris Karadzhev, filmmaker

Retrospective: Novy Kurs Studio celebrates 25 years. Films of Pavel Pechenkin

Vladimir Sokolov, film studio executive, presenting program "Retrospective: Novy Kurs studio celebrates 25 years"

Flahertiana audience

Lubomir Gueorguiev (Belgium), International Jury member, President of Millenium festival, presenting its program

Lubomir Gueorguiev, President of Millenium festival (Belgium)

Day 1

International Jury member Galina Yankovskaya while reviewing competition program

Arina Maslakova, Flahertiana Media relations officer, presenting "Focus Caucasus" program

"Flahertiana - Professional" project

The audience of IDFF Flahertiana

The Jury members Don Edkins (South Africa) and Kirsten Kieninger (Germany)

International Jury member Valeriy Solomin looking through the festival program

The last arrangements before the competition program starts

The first film of International competition "Violet, my life" directed by Or Sinai (Israel)

Vladimir Beresnev, administrator of Russian Flahertiana program

FIPRESCI Jury member Yakout El-Deeb (Egypt)

Or Sinai ("Violet, my life", Director) and Helena Autio-Meloni, Cultural Counsellor at Embassy of Finland, Moscow

Full house during the International competition

The audience of IDFF Flahertiana

National Competition Jury members Andrei Bezukladnikov (photographer) and Vladimir Kirshin (writer)

National Competition Jury watching Russian Flahertiana program

Vladimir Sokolov, film studio executive, presenting "Retrospective: Novy Kurs studio celebrates 25 years"

Pavel Pechenkin opening "Retrospective: Novy Kurs studio celebrates 25 years"

The audience of IDFF Flahertiana

Rimma Moiseeva and Marina Chertilina, Russian State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents

Flahertiana is for those who can think and is not afraid of it

The Festival Opening Ceremony

President of IDFF Flahertiana

Before the opening ceremony

Before the opening ceremony

Before the opening ceremony

The audience of the Flahertiana festival

The opening ceremony of IDFF Flahertiana. Grand Prix for "The Best Documentary" - "Big Golden Nanook"

Призы международного и национального конкурсов МКФ "Флаэртиана-2014"

Призы фестиваля

Vladimir Beresnev, administrator of the project "VUZ - Flahertiana" (University of Flahertiana), before rewarding the winners of students' competition

International Jury of IDFF Flahertiana

International Jury member Don Edkins (South Africa) speaking

The President of IDFF Flahertiana introducing FIPRESCI Jury

Jury of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)

Friendly partner of Flahertiana festival, International Jury member Lubomir Gueorguiev (Belgium) speaking

After the last call there were no seats left in a cinema hall

Welcoming speech of Valeriy Solomin (Russia), International Jury member

National Competition Jury led by its President Vladimir Malanin

Igor Gladnev, the Minister of culture of the Perm region

Don Edkins, International Jury member

To break a plate on a camera is a permanent tradition of Flahertiana festival

The festival is opened!