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The Opening Ceremony

Festival programs

The opening ceremony was attended by around 600 people

At the opening ceremony

Choosing from the many events of the festival is no easy task

Awards for the National and International competitions of IDFF "Flahertiana 2016"

The International Jury member, director and President of the "Golden Apricot" IFF Harutyun Khachatryan

Sergey Miroshnichenko, Harutyun Khachatryan and Julia Batalina before the opening ceremony

President of the "Flahertiana" festival Pavel Pechenkin opens the festival

President of the "Flahertiana" festival Pavel Pechenkin

On the scene - Project Kurator of "Vuz-Flahertiana" Vladimir Beresnev

At the opening ceremony

Curator of the Student Films Competition Olga Averkieva

Chairman of the National competition jury Alexey Romanov

The international jury member, artistic director of the Museum of Modern Art PERMM Nailya Allahverdiyeva

Members of the IDFF "Flahertiana 2016" international jury assemble on stage

The international jury member Sergey Fedotov

The international jury member, director Sergey Miroshnichenko (Russia)

The moment before the opening of the festival

A few words from Sergey Miroshnichenko before breaking the plate

"Flahertiana 2016" festival is officially open!

A few words from the Minister of Culture of the Perm region Igor Gladnev

A full hall for the screening of the first film of the festival, "Don Juan" from Jerzy Sladkowski

After the opening ceremony

The first evening of the festival is over - but this is just the beginning!

Day 2

The President of IDFF Flaertiana Pavel Pechenkin and the Curator of Russian Flaertiana Maria Lysenko open the National Competition Program

The first screening of the International Competition. The International Jury Member, director Sergey Miroshnichenko

At the International Competition Program screening

The director Antonio Tibaldi presents his film "Thy father`s chair"

The International Competition Members Antonio Tibaldi, Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas

Вадим Устинов, главный видеотехник фестиваля

The National Competition Member director Natalia Savras presents her film "Happiness is not far away"

The Lendok Film Studio director Aleksey Telnov leads a workshop on the Pitching of a Documentary Project

In the Premier Cinema Center one can find an Exhibition of photos taken from the film, "Running Together" (dir. Alexey Romanov), the premiere of which will take place on the 18th of September

Исполнительный директор фестиваля Владимир Соколов

Андрей Вилисов, координатор волонтерской службы и менеджер площадок

Flaertiana volunteers at work

The Festival Chief Coordinator Alina Stabrovskaya introduces a film from the DOK Leipzig Festival and The Program Curator of the DOK festival, Cornelia Klauss

The Program Curator of the DOK Leipzig Festival, Cornelia Klauss, talks about the Festival and introduces the first DOK Leipzig screening at IDFF Flaertiana

Cornelia Klauss answers the audience's questions after the "Parchim International" screening

The audience at the "Parchim International" screening

Ольга Аверкиева, куратор конкурса студенческих фильмов

The director Gilina Krasnoborova leads a workshop. The themes of the discussion is "Image in Documentary Cinema".

The halls are always full at Flahertiana Workshops

Галина Красноборова, режиссёр и член жюри студенческого конкурса

A quick break between Student Competition Films

Борис Караджев и Корнелия Клаус

The festival audience before The Special Screening of "Rings of the World"

The director of the film "Rings of the World", The International Jury Member at Flaertiana-2016 Sergey Miroshnichenko

The director Sergey Miroshnichenko and the festival president Pavel Pechenkin open the special screening

At the screening of "Rings of the World"

At the screening of "Rings of the World"

Павел Печёнкин и зрители фестиваля

Day 3

The second day of the festival begins

The first screening of the National Competition on Day 2 of the Flahertiana festival: "Joseph's Land" is screened, followed by a Skype Q and A with the director, Pavel Medvedev

Perm director, Rashid Davletshin

Perm director Olga Averkieva presents her film, "Schoolboy's Mate"

Q and A discussion after the screening of "Schoolboy's Mate"

A participant of the Russian Flahertiana, director Svetlana Prokudina

Meanwhile on "Campus" Cornelia Klauss, a member of the DOK Leipzig selection committee, leads a workshop

Cornelia discusses AnimaDoc - a popular subgenre in Germany

Noam Pichas, the director of "The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev", introduces his film at the morning showing

"The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev" stirred up a lot of positive emotions in the audience

After the screening of "The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev", the Israeli directors take questions from the audience

Director Svetlana Prokudina presents her film, "One of a Kind"

Journalist Olga Sherwood takes notes at a screening

It's not always easy to chose between the many screenings of the festival

Festival president Pavel Petchenkin introduces a screening

Harutyun Khachatryan, was the first International Jury Member to present his films to an audience at Flahertiana 2016

Another workshop takes place on the "Campus". The director and International Jury member Sergey Miroshnichenko shares his professional experience and shows his graduation work

The International Jury Member, director Sergey Miroshnichenko

A guest of the Festival, Maxim Pavlov, presents the film "Cinema: a public affair" (dir. Tatiana Brandrup)

A small discussion takes place after the film. Maxim Pavlom answers the audience`s questions and talks about The Film Museum in Moscow

At a Flaertiana's screening

The second screening of the DOK Leipzig Program. The film "Cafe Waldluft" is presented by the program curator Cornelia Klauss

In the evening the "Workshop" programme took place, including the best films made by students of the Russian State University of Cinematography

The evening screening of "The Wonderful Kingdom og Papa Alaev" is presented by Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas

Israeli director Noam Pinchas

At an International Competition screening

Another day is over but there are still five more days to go!

Day 4

The morning screening of national competition program. The film "Looking on the Other Bank" is directed by Evgeniy Grigoriev.

The members of international jury - Harutyun Khachatryan (Armenia) and Doug Block (USA)

Every morning at "Campus" is held DOC. Lesson Program

DOC. Lesson Program

At the screenings of International Competiton "Russian Flahertiana"

The director of "24 Snow" Mikhail Barynin answers the questions from audience after the screening

The participant of international competition- director Luigi Cuomo (Italy)

The member of international jury Sergey Miroshnichenko communicates with journalists

Fedor Balvanovich's Workshop

The founder of MOVIE PARK Studio Fedor Balvanovich told the audience about shooting experience in USA

The director of " Who Will Be My Husband?" Daria Khrenova

The italian director Luigi Cuomo represented his film "Constellations"

Evgeniy Grigoriev's Workshop

Evgeniy Grigoriev told the audience how to realize new documentary projects

Director of Lendok Open Film Studio Aleksey Telnov is presenting the studio films retrospective

Member of the Selection Committee of DOK Leipzig Festival Cornelia Klauss has presented her last film of the program - 'Naked Beauty'

At the 'Naked Beauty' screening

The International competition jury member Doug Block has presented his film '51 Birch Street'

The International jury member - Doug Block

The president of 'Flahertiana' festival - Pavel Petchenkin and a representative of DOK Leipzig Festival - Cornelia Klauss

It's a full house at the 'Daddy Loves You' special screening

A representative of the Finnish embassy in Russia - Henriikka Ahtiainen and the 'Daddy Loves You' director - Ninni Rokosa

Day 5

A traditional morning at the Russian Frahertiana: director Maria Pavlova presents her film "Here and Now"

National Competition screenings are shown at the same time as those of the International Program. In the first row sit Jury Members Ben van Lieshout (Holland) and Doug Block (USA)

The director Karen Guthrie presents her film "The Closer We Get"

At an International Competition screening

Director Rokhsaren Ghaem Maghami presents her film "Sonita", one of the films entered in the International Competition

At the screening of "Sonita"

The International Jury Member, Doug Block (USA)

A screening of the Russian State Film and Photo Archive Program curated by Maria Filipeva

A representative of the Russian State Film and Photo Archive, Galina Koroleva

John Owen, a representative of discussion club "Frontline", takes part in a discussion after the screening of "My Jihad" at the Press Club

At the screening of "My Jihad"

Tatyana Margolina, an ombusman for Perm krai, contributes to the discussion after the screening of "My Jihad"

The Frontline Club representative, John Owen

The coordinator of Frontline in Moscow, Anastacia Burtseva and the Festival president, Pavel Petchenkin

A member of the audience joins the discussion after the screening of "My Jihad"

John Owen, a representative of the Frontline Club's charity fund poses for a photo with the President of Flahertiana, Pavel Petchenkin

Karen Guthrie introduces the evening screening of her film "The Closer We Get"

The audience at the screening of "The Kids Grow Up", directed by Jury Member, Doug Block

Doug Block, president of The International Jury, presents his film "The Kids Grow Up"

The audience at Flahertiana

Ben van Lieshout (Holland), a member of The International Jury presents his film, "An Inventory of the Motherland"

The director and International Jury member, Ben van Lieshout partakes in a discussion after the screening of his film "Inventory of the Motherland"

The audience at Flahertiana

Another day of the Festival has come to an end. There are three days left which means ten more excellent documentary films from all over the world are still to come

Day 6

The International Jury Member, Harutyun Khachatryan, attends a morning screening

The director Pasha Rafiy presents his film "Foreign Affairs"

Pasha Rafiy (Luxembourg)

A morning screening of The International Competition

Flahertiana`s audience

The director of "Tatiana and Sons", Elena Laskari

Maria Miroshnochenko (from Channel 24_DOC) leads a workshop on content and promotion at the "Campus"

International Jury President Doug Block leads another workshop

Doug Block talks about shooting personal films and encourages the audience to be brave in screening their own

The main symbol of The Flahertiana Festival - "The Gold Nanuk"

Sergey Kachkin presents an out-of-competition event from the DOKer Festival programme

Flahertiana`s audience

Pasha Rafiy presents the evening screening of "Foreign Affairs"

A discussion after the screening of "Foreign Affairs"

Another evening screening of The International Competiton

The Croatian director Tonci Gacina presents the evening screening of his film "Tourism!"

The discussion after "Tourism!"

An evening screening of The Russian National Competition is presented by Elena Laskari

At the film "Tatiana and Sons"

A special screening of "The Dybbuk: A Tale of Wandering Souls" is presented by Krzysztof Kopczynski

At the screening of "The Dybbuk: A Tale of Wandering Souls"

Two days still to go at Flahertiana

Day 7

A penultimate day of the Festival begins with the Children Program "Want To Know Everything". Films for children were presented by The Russian State Film and Photo Archive

Dutch director, Tom Fassaert, is waiting for the end of his film "A Family Affair"

The International Competition Member, Tom Fassaert (Netherlands)

Tom Fassaert presents his film "A Family Affair"

An audience at the International Competition screening

The International Competition Jury Member, Ben Van Lieshout (Netherlands)

Under the "Artboard" the frst draft of "Kamchatka Bears. The Beginnig of Life" was screened

The film "Kamchatka Bears. The Beginnig of Life" is presented by its director and producer, Irina Zhuravleva

The main festival helpers - volunteers

The last Frontline Club Special screening. A discussion is led by Club's Representative, John Owen

At the "Virunga" screening (Frontline Club Special)

Flahertiana's president Pavel Petchenkin

The International Jury Member Harutyun Khachatryan (Armenia) presents his film "Deadlock"

In Campus Krzysztof Kopczynski leads the workshop about film producing

Krzysztof Kopczynski tells student filmmakers about how to promote own films to the European market

The director of the film studio "Novy Kurs" Vladimir Sokolov opens The Evening in Memory of Konstantin Shitov

Ira Kormannshaus before "Young German Cinema" of IDFF REC Special (Germany)

At a screening of Young German Cinema, IDFF REC Special (Germany)

National Competition "Russian Flahertiana" Member, Maria Pavlova

The evening screening of "A Family Affair", director Tom Fassaert

Flahertiana's audience and director Tom Fassaert

An evening screening of The National Competition "Russian Flahertiana". A film is presented by Natalia Gugueva

Writer, Vladimir Kirshin and director, Natalia Gugueva

The International Competition Film "Raving Iran" is presented by Susanne Regina Meures

At the film "Raving Iran"

Another day is over. We have the Closing Award Ceremony ahead

Day 8

The last day of the festival started with the screenings of Russian Flahertiana. Vladimir Golovnev presenting his "Two Childhoods"

"Independent", one of the National Competition films, was presented by the cameramen, Sergey Petriga

Greeting the film of Russian Flahertiana

One more festival event - Presentation of the Program "Humanities in Terms of Socio-Cultural Transformation: The Practice of Media Education". Program was presented by Pavel Pechenkin and Vladimir Beresnev

Perm university students and professors at the presentation of the program

Olga Akhmedzyanova, Perm Media Educaton Forum Coordinator

The last day of the festival is about to end. And the Closing Ceremony is about to start

The Closing Ceremony

In a few minutes a main event of the festival - the awarding ceremony of Flahertiana-2016 - will start.

Призы фестиваля

Участница конкурса студенческих фильмов Олеся Епишина

Перед началом церемонии закрытия

Перед началом церемонии закрытия


Перед вручением призов президент Павел Печёнкин рассказывает о фестивальной неделе

Участники "Флаэртианы-2016"

Координатор Пермского форума медиаобразования Ольга Ахмедзянова рассказывает об образовательных мероприятиях "Флаэртианы"

Итоги проекта "Вуз-Флаэртиана" подводит Владимир Береснев

Куратор конкурса студенческих фильмов Ольга Аверкиева

Члены жюри студенческого конкурса Галина Красноборова и Мария Трокай

Первое специальное упоминание жюри студенческого конкурса уходит фильму "Скоро на "Первом". Диплом получает режиссёр Анастасия Сергеева

Еще одно специальное упоминание получила Дарина Умнова за фильм "Любовь на миллион"

Специальное упоминание жюри за режиссёрскую интуицию получила пермский режиссёр Олеся Епишина (фильм "Сама дура!")

Режиссёр Олеся Епишина

Приз за лучший фильм студенческого конкурса получает Андрей Ананин за дилогию "Американская мечта" и "Дым отечества"

Приз оргкомитета за актуальность и точность раскрытия темы получила Наталия Гугуева (фильм "Форсаж. Возвращение")

Жюри национального конкурса также подвели итоги. Три фильма конкурса получили специальные упоминания: "Земля Иосифа" (реж. Павел Медведев), "Напротив левого берега" (реж. Евгений Григорьев), "Из другой жизни" (реж. Вероника Соловьева). "Малый золотой Нанук" за лучший фильм национального конкурса получает картина "Чужая работа" (реж. Денис Шабаев)

Президент фестиваля "Флаэртиана" Павел Печёнкин объявляет победителя зрительского голосования. С результатом 9,8 выигрывает Михаил Барынин и картина "24 снега"

На сцене - члены международного жюри МКФ "Флаэртиана-2016"

Режиссёр Сергей Мирошниченко объявляет специальные упоминания жюри. Дипломы уходят фильмам "Чем ближе мы становимся" (реж. Карен Гатри, Великобритания) и "Встречайте, Принцесса Шоу" (реж. Идо Хаар, Израиль)

Президент фестиваля "Золотой абрикос", режиссёр Арутюн Хачатрян вручает приз "Серебряный Нанук" за оригинальное художественное решение фильму "24 снега" (реж. Михаил Барынин)

Приз Михаилу Барынину передаст его мастер - Сергей Мирошниченко

Следующая номинация - "Серебряный Нанук" за открытие новых тем и новых героев. Режиссёр Бен ван Лисхаут объявляет победителем фильм "Сонита" и режиссёра Рохсаре Гаем Магами

Главный приз фестиваля "Золотой Нанук" вручает председатель жюри Дуг Блок

Гран-при фестиваля получает голландский режиссёр Том Фассарт за фильм "Семейное дело"

Том Фассарт благодарит жюри, фестиваль и зрителей за внимательное отношение к его фильму

Традиционное фото - на сцене все участники и гости "Флаэртианы-2016"