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Vladimir Beresnev presents last films from the national competition - "Nepal forever" and "The peasant story"
Audience of "Flahertiana"
Producer of "Love and Designing" Kaarle Aho presents the film under the festival competitive programme
Kaarle Aho replied to the audience`s questions and told how one can measure love with scientific methods
Judges work without any pauses. During free minutes they call home or they`re in business talks
Producer of "Special need" Erica Barbiani presents the fim to the audience and to the judges
Lecture by Lech Molyinsky (Festival "In terms of youth", Poland)
In Perm Lech not only presented the most popular debuts of the Polish festival, but also he gave a lecture for young cinematographers
International scientific conference "New senses and practics of the media education" met in the sixth hall
Speech about opportunities of juvenile mass media for school media education (with support of UNPRESS-Perm)
Member of the international jury Ikka Vehkalahti presents his film "Voices of El Alto"
Iikka told the "Flahertiana" audience about meaning of an ordinary man in documentary and his value as a hero
Juryman of the national competition Andrey Bezukladnikov
Pavel Pechenkin opens the programme "Focus Germany"
Producer of documentary, journalist and translator Ira Kormannshaus presents a programme of the German documentary
Invited guests and friends of the director came to the premiere
Yesterday there was premiere of two new films by Boris Karadzhev - "Through darkness" and "Vicissitudes of translation"
Films of Boris Karadzhev always play to full house of Perm
Film by Kay Vesnigk "Clear propaganda" was presented under the programme "Focus Germany"
The director of the film replied to questions of festival guests