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Morning Russian Flahertiana screening. The films are presented by Ludmila Bychkova ("Granny") and Zaka Abdrakhmanova ("My love")
During the International Competition screening
The International Competition and the film "Taste of Cement". The Syrian director Ziad Kalthoum presenting
Participant of the International Competition, director of "Film for Carlos" Byron Renato Borrayo Serrano
Another film of the International Competition "Over the Limit" is presented by Marta Prus
During the International Competition screening, director Alexander Kalashnikov
Director Marta Prus (Poland)
Director Zaka Abdrakhmanova (Kazakhstan)
Irreplaceable helper, our coordinator Gelya Trushnikova
The final film "Last Wish" within the framework of Armen Khachatryan retrospective
The Belgian Millenium Festival program at the main cinema hall
The film "One Ticket, Please" was presented by the artistic director of the Millenium Festival Zlatina Ruseva
German cinematographer Zoe Schmederer presented her workshop at Campus
During the workshop
Discussion of the film "My Love" with its director Zaka Abdrakhmanova
During Russian Flahertiana screening
Program of Russian State Film and Photo Archive. The film "Russia. Many years..."
There was a premiere of the film "Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins" in the evening. Irina Zhuravleva presenting
During the screening of "Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins" (directors Irina Zhuravleva and Vladislav Grishin)
Special screening of "Into_nation of Big Odessa" at the cinema hall № 1
Special screening of "The Red Soul" with the participation of the director Jessica Gorter
Full house at the screening of the Dutch film "The Red Soul"
The International Jury member, director Armen Khachatryan (Armenia)
Alexey Vakhrushev (Russia) and Michael Collins (the USA)
Pertti Veijalainen (Finland)
Marina Abasheva (Russia)
The International Jury meeting. The decision will be announced very soon!