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Before the Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony: red alert.
The opening of jubilee Flahertiana: the hall for 600 seats is full. People give a round of applause
As always, the festival host of the Opening Ceremony is the President of Flaheriana, Pavel Pechenkin.
The opening of the festival took place in concert hall of Perm State University
Olga Averkieva, the curator of Student and Debut Films Competition, is talking about young directors.
The Jury President of Student and Debut Films Competition is Alexander Gutman
The charming partner of Pavel Pechenkin - Maria Lekomtseva
Over 10 leading Perm mass media came to depict the Opening Ceremony
Vladimir Beresnev, the curator of VUZ-Flahertiana Project, is talking about student's and professor's programs
The jury of Russian Flahertiana: Natalia Beresneva, Galina Krasnoborova and Yuri Kuroptev.
Andrei Kovesnikov, the president of the jury of National Competition, is giving a welcome speech
The president of the jury of International Competition Flahertiana - 2015 is Dutch director Leonard Retel Helmrich
On the opening ceremony
Breaking the plate by the president of the jury is old festival tradition. The festival is opened!
The minister of Culture in Perm Krai - Igor Gladnev
The deputy of Perm administration - Aleksei Gribanov