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The head of Media Education - Olga Akhmedzianova
The members of Perm Media Education - students and professors of Perm Universities
Pavel Pechenkin is opening the International Competition program
The member of the jury, Nataliya Shostina, the President of the International Festival of the Modern Ethno Cultures KAMWA
The curator of the international competition Andrei Homiakov
The member of the international jury, director Aleksei Fedorchenko
The director Rollan Sergienko is presenting film "Here's Looking at you, Dad"
Audience on the performance of works of West Siberian Film Studio
Viktor Serov is presenting retrospective 85th Anniversary of West Siberian Film Studio
Olga Averkieva, the curator of the student competition, is presenting the film "Guests" (directed by Alexey Sukhovey)
The member of the jury, screenwriter Eduard Dubrovsky
The screenwriter Andrey Dubrovsky
On the presentations of student competition
Campus guests