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Robert Flaherty

What is the festival?

Flahertiana is not a festival for “comers and goers”. It is for the select few. For the intelligent few. If you visit screening of Flahertiana or any other Flahertiana events you become head and shoulders above others. You understand things you couldn’t understand earlier, things that others cannot understand yet.

Flahertiana is the place where intelligent people do not feel like idiots.

Flahertiana is reality as it is. Reality which is not simulated by scriptwriters or created by graphic designers. This is the Earth here and now. Nowadays, the days of total illusion, one should try hard to discover the true reality. Are you ready for such an effort? If not, continue live your life in imaginary world created by TV, Hollywood and web-trolling.

Flahertiana is for strong people. For those who are able to think and are not afraid of this. Here you can see the truth. The art is the truth here. But can all face the truth?

The festival units amazing people. It is the only place where once a year film directors, producers and film critics from all corners of the world gather. Flahertiana is the most sensible crowd in Perm.

Festival is a celebration but it is not for fools. There are other celebrations for fools, but here only brainy people gather. Do you have brains? Pass brain control and join us.

Men seek meaning of life, women seek its flavor. There is different Flahertiana for everybody. But if someone is seeking something, he or she will find it here.

What are the festival films?

Films of Flahertiana are intellectual prose expressed with cinema language.

It is hard to describe them. You should watch them. We have. And we understood. If you’ve watched them and have not understood, alas, it’s your problem. Grow up and try again. We’ll wait for you.

The films of Flahertiana are the life as it is. A viewer gets unique chance to dive into any life situation. He or she experiences a way of getting around it or failure to do so, and he or she can create his or her model of behavior based on this experience.

The films of Flahertiana are bringing up feelings. Some films are spiritually extreme experience; they demand endurance just as a deep diving does. But who says it is easy to sense reality and to learn how to live?

The films of Flahertiana are the best guide book. The festival is the University of Life, the most effective one for those who teaches and who study. That is why films of Flahertiana are also a study guide.

You cannot download Flahertiana films on the Internet. These are the best films from all over the world created in the course of one year. This means that the festival is an exclusive event and if you miss it you may miss something really important.

And finally, films at Flahertiana are just good.