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About Perm

The city of Perm, which hosts the festival, is one of the largest industrial cities of Russia, center of Perm Krai, the second largest city after Moscow according to its area (799 sq. km) with population of one million people. Perm Krai is situated on the border between Europe and Asia, at the bottom of Ural Mountains. Its area is 161 thousand sq. km., which is two times bigger than area of Benelux.

The city has stretched along the Kama River, the main waterway of the Western Ural, which is 1800 km. long (the fifth in Europe according to length). It is more deep and affluent than Volga. Cargo and passenger ships come to Perm along Kama River from five European seas.

Perm large educational institutions are widely known both inside and outside the city: universities (classical, technical and pedagogical), academies (medical, agricultural and pharmaceutical), Academy of Culture and Arts, Perm branch of Higher School of Economics etc. For those who know Russian literature Perm is the prototype of Yuriatin, a city from the novel "Doctor Zhivago" by Nobel Prize winner Boris Pasternak who lived near Perm in 1916.

Perm is one of the cultural centers of Russia. Its Art Gallery has one of the richest collections in Russia. This is the only place in the world where famous collections of Perm wooden sculptures and the largest collection of Orthodox icons of Strogonov's school are exposed.

Today Perm is alive, rapidly changing city with intensive cultural life. Perm stakes on the ongoing festival activities and so far this strategy is successful. One of the most leading festivals is IDFF Flahertiana. It is necessary to note that Flahertiana is a pioneer of Perm festival movement and is greatly appreciated among judges of documentary films from the Perm krai, Russia and foreign counties.